Why Temperature-Controlled Storage Reduces Risks Of Damage To Your Belongings

If you recently inherited a lot of furniture and belongings from a relative and have no place to put them in your home, you may be considering renting a storage unit to have a place to store all the items. As you compare a regular storage unit to a temperature-controlled unit, you may notice the costs of temperature-controlled units are slightly higher, but this is because they offer more protection. Here are a few reasons you should consider renting a temperature-controlled unit if the things you need to store are valuable.

Damage Can Occur From Hot And Cold Temperatures

A temperature-controlled storage unit is a building that keeps a consistent temperature all year round. During the summer months, the air conditioning might be set to around 85 degrees F, which is cool enough to offer protection of your belongings. Hot temperatures lead to moisture issues, and moisture can lead to so many different problems and types of damage to the things you own.

During the winter months, your unit might stay heated to around 65 degrees F, which is a good temperature for protecting your things during the cold months of the year. Exposure to cold weather can also lead to damage, but the types of damage cold weather can do may be slightly different in some ways.

Here are a few types of damage you might experience with your belongings if they are not in a temperature-controlled environment:

  • Warping and bowing of wooden furniture
  • Discoloration of leather furniture, wooden furniture, art, books, and other types of goods
  • Deterioration of books, paper documents, and pictures
  • Formation of mold and mildew on any of the things you store
  • Development of rust on items that contain metal
  • Corrosion and malfunction of any items that have electronical components
  • Expansion and contraction of items made of wood or paper

A lot of the damage listed here is due to moisture problems, which are common in the summer, but a lot of damage can also be caused by exposure to major changes in temperature. With a temperature-controlled unit, you will reduce the chances of any type of damage to your belongings, simply because the temperature will remain even throughout the entire year.

Temperature-Controlled Units Have Fewer Pest Issues

Beetles, moths, cockroaches, and mice are common pests found in storage units, but these pests are more likely to inhabit units that are not temperature-controlled. In the summer, bugs are a lot more common because of the warm weather, while winter is a common time to have issues with rodents. A temperature-controlled unit may offer more protection against these types of pests, which is important because they can cause a lot of harm to your belongings.

Most temperature-controlled storage units are accessed from inside the building. This is the main reason temperature-controlled units have fewer bug and rodent issues.

Rodents can chew through almost anything you own, including wood and metal. They can also multiply quickly and leave droppings wherever they go. Mice are dirty and can spread germs and diseases around as they travel. Bugs, such as cockroaches and beetles, will often eat through paper, cardboard, and fabric. Moths primarily like to eat away at items made of fabric. All types of bugs can also transfer bacteria, germs, and diseases around, and they can also leave droppings wherever they go.

If you want to make sure the things you own are safe and secure while they are in a storage unit, you should consider renting a temperature-controlled unit. Choosing this option is a great way to reduce the risks of damage caused by moisture, extreme temperatures, and pests. To learn more about the locations, sizes, and costs of temperature-controlled units, contact a company like Bekins Van Lines Inc that offers moving services and storage in your area today.