4 Ways To Designate Items That Should Not Be Moved

If you hire professional movers to pack and move your belongings, they will usually do a very thorough job. This means that anything that is not attached to your home will end up boxed up and on the moving truck. However, there are some instances when you will not want certain items to be packed. Perhaps you are following the common advice to move irreplaceable treasures or important documents on your own or you have items that most moving companies do not allow on their trucks. Maybe you have items that you plan to get rid of after the rest of your home has been packed or you want to keep a box separate for your first night in a new place. Whatever your reason, there are likely items that you do not want packed and loaded onto the moving truck. Here are some ways that you can clearly delineate those items from the rest of your belongings. 

Remove Them From Your Home 

Items that you plan to move in your personal vehicle should be loaded into your vehicle before the movers arrive. This not only ensures that your important documents or overnight bag will not end up on the moving truck but also helps ensure that you will have enough room to move all of the items you plan to move on your own. If all of the items do not fit in your car, you may have to select less-important items to be moved on the truck or make two trips with your personal vehicle. If you plan to make two trips with your personal vehicle, you may have to utilize one of the following methods to designate items that should not be moved as well. 

Designate a Special Room 

Besides completely removing the items you do not want packed from your home, one of the best ways to separate these items is to designate a room in your home that should not be packed. Usually, a small room such as a bathroom or office will offer you enough space to hold the belongings you do not want moved.

First, you should thoroughly clear the room of items that should be packed by placing them in any of your other rooms. Then, put the items you do not want packed in your empty room. While the movers are there, keep the door to this room closed and label it with a sign that says, “Do not enter. Items in this room should not be packed.”  

Clearly Mark Items With Colored Tape 

For large items, such as furniture, trash cans, or appliances that are staying behind, it may not make sense to move them into a single room. Instead, you should go through your home and mark these items with a brightly colored tape. Use plenty of tape so it is highly visible and will not fall off. For example, instead of marking the leg of a table, place a large X across the entire surface. On the tape, you should write that the item should not be moved. Masking tape is a good option because it will not ruin most surfaces and can be easily removed later.  

Create a Master List 

You should also consider creating a master list that contains both items to be moved and items that are staying behind. You can give a copy to your movers to reference throughout the move when they have questions about a certain item. However, you should still make sure that you are available to answer questions about the list. 

Whatever method you use to designate items that are staying behind, make sure you tell your movers about it so they can follow your system. For more tips and information, contact a local moving company like Midway Moving & Storage.

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5 Ways To Show Your Appreciation For Movers Besides Tipping

In the United States, it can sometimes be confusing to know when you should or should not tip. If you are hiring local movers, you may wonder if you need to budget for a tip. For many professional moving companies, tipping is considered unnecessary because the full cost of labor is covered in your moving quote. Despite the fact that movers may not expect a tip, most people still tip between $10-$20 per mover for local moves. If you want, you may add a tip into your budget. However, if you feel that your movers are doing an excellent job, there are several ways that you can express your appreciation besides extra monetary compensation. 

A Kind, Courteous Greeting 

Moving can be stressful, and it can be easy to lose your temper under the stress of packing and loading your items. Many movers will appreciate a warm smile and a greeting from you. Simply shaking hands and introducing yourself to the entire team can go a long way towards making your movers feel welcome. Also, keeping a polite tone throughout the day when you have questions to ask or concerns about packing methods can help maintain a positive environment. 

Refreshing Drinks 

While it is not necessary to provide refreshments to your movers, offering cold drinks during warm weather or warm drinks during winter can show your movers that you recognize and appreciate their physical effort. This can be as simple as leaving out disposable cups and a pitcher of lemonade or a canister of hot coffee. However, you should not get offended if the movers decline your offer of refreshments as they usually come prepared with snacks and drinks of their own. 

A Comfortable Place to Relax During Breaks 

Depending on the size of your move, your movers may take multiple breaks or a longer lunch break while they are packing and loading your belongings. These breaks are a normal part of the moving process and should not be counted towards your total billable hours. However, many people forget that the movers will need to take breaks, so the movers end up taking a break around the back of the truck or wherever they can find shade. 

You can make their break time more comfortable by pointing out a comfortable place for them to take their breaks. This could be on a patio or in your yard. Alternatively, if you live near a coffee shop or convenient lunch spot, you might want to point it out as a possibility for their breaks. 

A Note On the Customer Satisfaction Survey 

If you are thoroughly pleased with your movers, you should consider letting your moving company know. This way the company can reward the movers appropriately. Likewise, if you are not happy with your movers it is important that you let your moving company know on your satisfaction survey or through a call to the main office so they can fix any problems with movers by taking appropriate disciplinary actions.  

A Referral 

Finally, one thing that most moving companies and the movers that they employ will appreciate is a referral if you appreciated their service. You may be able to leave a referral on their website, on a third-party website such as Yelp, or directly to your friends and family that are also contemplating a local move. 

While tipping may feel customary, it is not the only way that you can show your appreciation for quality, timely service during a move. These other simple actions will also be appreciated by your moving team and will let them know that you appreciate their hard work. 

If you’re looking for a moving company to help you with your move, contact a company like Walsh Moving & Storage.

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