How To Maximize Your Personal Storage Unit

Storage units offer a solution for extra items around your home. When renting out personal storage units, most people end up paying for bigger units when they need to use their storage unit efficiently. Below are tips on how you can maximize your rented unit.

Come Up with an Organized Layout 

It is important to plan the layout regardless of how often you intend to access items you put away in your personal storage. Putting anything anywhere will clutter the space. By planning the layout and identifying where to store what, you will better use the space.

Disassemble Your Furniture Before Storing

Assuming you would like to store a king-size bed, storing it whole will take up significant space. However, if you begin by dissembling the unit and having the furniture in pieces, you can vertically store each piece, saving space. 

Pack Your Belonging in Uniform Boxes

When purchasing packing boxes for your items, consider buying the same size boxes. Compared to different sized boxes, which might topple over due to lack of balance, boxes of the same size will be easy to store on each other. Besides, they will appear tidier and more organized.

Go Vertical

Most people focus on storing items horizontally, leaving vertical space untapped. Vertical storage helps save more space. Always remember to put the heaviest boxes down and stack up the lighter ones.

If you are afraid of damaging your boxes, you can get shelves. Ensure to orient some items like mattresses vertically too. For example, rather than spreading your mattress on the ground, you can vertically place it against the wall for more space.

Make Use of Pegboards

Everybody begins storing their items on the floor. No one considers the wall space. One way to maximize your personal storage is by using pegboards and placing them on the walls. Once in place, you can use it to hang bags or tools on the wall above stacked boxes.

Divide the Interior 

Have you hired personal storage specifically to store seasonal items? Dividing the interior into four quadrants and using each quadrant to store items for a particular season will save space and time. You can always interchange the quadrants after each season passes.

Sometimes, you need to make good use of the space in your unit rather than renting out a larger one. The tips above will help maximize your personal storage unit, saving you money in the process.