Is A Portable Storage Container Better Than A Self-Storage Unit?

You might have times in your life when you need to put some of your belongings into storage. You might want to declutter your home, store your furniture between moves, or temporarily clear your home for renovation work.

While you can use self-storage facilities, you should also consider renting a portable storage container. Here, the storage company delivers a secure container to your home. It sits on your driveway, and you fill it with your stuff. What are the benefits of using a portable container over a self-storage unit?

Choose Your Storage Location

If you rent a self-storage unit, then you don't have any choice in where your belongings are stored. You have to take them to one of the company's facilities.

This isn't always an ideal solution. If you want quick access to stored items, but don't live close to a self-storage facility, then you could have a long trip every time you want to access your unit. Plus, not all sites have 24/7 access hours.

If you use a portable container, then you can choose its location. Some people fill their container and then have the company haul it to their secure storage facility. Others simply keep the container on their driveway or another part of their property for the time they need to use it.

If you keep your container at home, then you have immediate access whenever you want it. This is particularly useful if you're renovating or decluttering. You can take things in and out of the container fast.

Save Time

You have to take on the management of a self-storage unit when you rent it. You have to get your belongings into the unit and out of it. This can be a time-consuming process. You might lose hours making multiple trips to and from your unit to load it up and then empty it out again.

If you use a portable container, then it sits right outside your home. You can fill it whenever you have the time. You won't lose time driving to a self-storage facility or getting your belongings from your car to your unit.

Save Money

Self-storage costs don't just include rental charges. You also have travel costs. Plus, if you want to store large pieces of furniture or lots of items, then you might need to rent a truck to get things into storage and out again.

Portable storage containers are often more cost-effective. You don't have travel or vehicle hire costs. If you store your container on your property, then you won't pay for its storage costs.

To find out more about portable storage containers, contact a company near you.