Need To Store An Automobile For The First Time? What To Know About Preparation And Options

If you've purchased a vehicle that you only drive seasonally, and you aren't sure how you are supposed to store it, or what you need to do when it's stored, there are some things you will want to consider. You want to protect the investment and money you've put in to purchase the car, and you want it to stay in good condition while it isn't being driven. Here are some tasks to complete.

Use a Facility with Cameras and Lock Pads

The facility that you choose to use should have cameras around the property so you don't have to worry about people getting inside without being seen. If people know their actions are being recorded, and that they are at the risk of being identified by a camera, they will think twice about breaking into storage units. You also don't want to trust the car with just a pad lock. Find a company that uses cylinder locks or keypad entry on the outside.

Find a Shelter with Climate Control

Find a storage unit that offers climate controlled units. When there aren't dramatic changes in the temperature, you don't have to worry about:

  • Condensation in fluid containers
  • Electrical problems
  • Corrosion from condensation
  • Cracking or freezing

A heated or air conditioned unit allows you to easily work inside or outside the car if you want when the weather isn't fair, and it's the best option mechanically for the vehicle.

Remove Your Battery

Remove the battery from the vehicle. This prevents someone from jumping the car and stealing it if they break into the unit, this prevents the battery from getting run down, and you'll know that the battery is charged if you charge it before you put it back in. This is a great way to preserve the battery when the vehicle isn't being driven.

Spray Protectant on the Fabric

There could be dust or pests inside the storage unit. Use a protective spray on the seats, carpeting and other fabrics in the vehicle. This helps prevent the fabrics from getting stained because of the dust, or from pest urine or markings, and it helps to preserve the car.

Take the vehicle to a mechanic to get it a tune-up before you put it in storage, to have the fluids filled and to make sure there isn't something wrong. If you are ready to store your car, do it the right way in the right place. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Lake County Storage of Round Lake Heights.