Why Hire Professionals When Moving A Piano?

Even if you are not moving home and just want to relocate a piano from one part of your home to another, hiring a moving company is often worth it. Unlike other bulky items, such as couches, pianos are delicate possessions that can be easily damaged by people who don't know what they're doing. By hiring professional movers instead, you'll ensure that your piano arrives in its new location in the same condition it left its current one in. Read on to find out why piano moving companies are worth the extra cost even for relatively short moves.

  • Avoid Internal Damage

Even upright pianos consist of made up of thousands of parts. These range from finely tuned strings to sensitive hammers. Any slight jolt when moving can knock these components out of kilter. In some cases, such damage will be costly to repair. Professional movers understand the inner workings of pianos. As such, they will know how best to handle, lift, and transport them. What you get with professional moving services is the risk of damage being minimized for you, something that is important for anyone who values the sound of their musical instrument.

  • Deal With the Weight of Your Piano

The sheer weight of a piano means that it is a potential safety hazard when it is moved. Even an upright piano, let alone a grand, can weigh anywhere from 300 to 800 pounds. Moving such a hefty item without the right equipment can sometimes lead to severe injuries. Anything from muscle strains to back injuries can follow an unsuccessful attempt to move a piano. Professional movers, especially those who specialized in piano moving will have the necessary tools, like piano dollies and skid boards, to ensure safety.

  • Avoid Damaging Your Home

Professionally moving a piano isn't just about lifting and carrying the instrument itself. You also need to navigate doorways, corridors, and staircases. Any slight miscalculation can result in the piano getting stuck or knocking into walls and furniture. Professionals are adept at getting pianos through tight spots. Experienced movers know how to angle pianos to fit through doorways, and will have developed strategies for dealing with stairwells and other obstacles.

  • Benefit From Specialized Insurance

Lastly, professional piano movers should be properly insured. This means if something doesn't go to plan during the move, there will be financial protection in place. On the other hand, if you move your piano yourself, then you are unlikely to get a payout from your insurer if there is a problem.

To learn more about the the benefits of hiring  movers for your piano, contact a professional moving company near you.