Hiring Movers? Consider A Few Items In Your Home To Take Along

When you live in an apartment, you should only expect to take the items that you brought into the unit with you when you move away. But, this rule does not apply in the same way when you are selling your own home. Hiring movers for this process can make the move go a lot smoother, but you may not know about everything that you are going to bring along to your new house.

Going through some of the optional items beforehand will ensure that moving professionals are able to help with disassembling, packing, and loading these possessions for the move.

Window Treatments

If you have curtains all throughout the home, you could keep them there because they fit well. But, you may be interested in taking them along because you like the color, pattern, or sizing. You can even remove blinds or shutters from the windows if you want to keep them. The built-in installations you will want to discuss with buyers to avoid complications as you are leaving.

Shelving Units

To keep your garage organized, you may have several shelving units in the space. While their measurements may be optimal for the space, many two-car garages are similar in size. This means that you will likely be able to move the shelving units and fit them in your new garage.

The shelving units may be rather large, and if they cannot be disassembled, a moving company will need to accommodate for their size by getting a large enough moving truck. This means that you will want to let them know beforehand if they plan on talking the shelving units along.


Although the chandeliers in your home may have played an important role in attracting buyers, you should not feel obligated to keep them in the house if you are fond of them. Removing chandeliers is not an easy task because there is risk in damaging the chandelier or the house. Chandeliers need extra careful packing to avoid damage while driving to its new residence.


Some buyers will want to keep the appliances in the home. If the buyers are not interested in them, you may decide that you want to bring them to your new house to avoid extra shopping. If they are fairly new and in great shape, you should have movers pack them up for the move.

When you hire movers to help with transporting items to your new home, you should consider all these items to make sure they get on the moving truck if you decide to take them. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Modern Movers, Inc.