The Best Ways To Lower Freight Forwarding Costs

Price is one of the most common factors that affect how often a company uses freight forwarding services. If you would like to ship products to customers around the world, but are concerned about shipping costs, you'll need to look into effective methods for reducing freight forwarding costs. 

Use the Right Mode of Transportation

Find out if it's possible to change your mode of transportation. Transporting cargo by sea is less expensive than transporting it by air, for example. However, when you are transporting locally, the best option may be to use rail or to travel by road, depending on the area. Receive quotes from several services to determine which will be the most cost-effective. In some cases, the best way to transport your cargo is to use multiple modes. 

Ship at the Right Time

Always try to ship your cargo during a non-peak time. Friday can sometimes be a better time to ship your products because businesses will typically want to get their products on store shelves by Thursday. If Friday is an acceptable day to ship your product, you'll save more money. It's also a good idea to wait until you are able to maximize your loads. The more you ship, the more you'll be able to save money. You've paid for an entire container, so you might as well use all of it.

Be a Regular

In addition to using as much space as possible, become a regular customer of a freight forwarding service. As a regular, you'll be more likely to be given access to special perks and favors. 

Don't Mark Everything as Urgent

Never mark all of your shipments as urgent. When a shipment is not listed as urgent, it will be shipped in a manner that is less expensive. Shipments marked as urgent are those that must reach their destination by a particular date. 

Use an Experienced Freight Forwarder

Make sure to collaborate with a freight forwarder who is experienced. An experienced freight forwarder will have the connections that will assist you in having your freight transported in a manner that is less expensive and faster. You will want to build a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship with your freight forwarder and ask him or her to leverage contacts when you need a freight to be shipped faster than usual, such as if there is an order mix-up and you're trying to satisfy a customer.