Don't Let These Myths Keep You From Using Movers

Moving to a new home is so much work. Packing everything in your home into boxes and then into the moving truck — and then taking it all out again — is really tough when you're not used to it. Hiring movers will definitely simplify your life, but unfortunately, a lot of people avoid hiring home movers because they have heard a few false myths. Learn about these myths below so you don't make the same mistake of avoiding movers.

Myth #1: Movers will damage your things.

Do you have an image of your mind of movers banging your things around in their rush to get them out of your home? Well, this image is inaccurate. Movers are professionals. If anything, they do a better and more careful job of moving your things than you and your friends would. They use moving straps so that they don't drop furniture. They put padding around large items so that if they do bump into walls, there's no damage. And if your movers do accidentally damage something, which can happen on a rare occasion because they are human, the damage will be covered by insurance. 

Myth #2: Movers don't work on the weekends.

If you want to move on the weekend, you may figure you have to do it all on their own since this is outside of standard business hours. However, movers tend to work outside of normal business hours because they know this is when most customers need their services. You may get a better rate if you move during the week since there is less demand during these times, but if you need to move on the weekend, you can certainly find a moving company to help you then.

Myth #3: Movers have to handle the whole move, or nothing at all.

It's not true that if you hire movers, you have to leave everything in their hands. Hiring full-service movers is one option. However, you can also hire movers to perform a la carte services. For instance, you can pack everything into boxes yourself and have the movers just load the boxes into the truck and drive the truck. Or you can have movers pack some things, but not your personal items. Most moving companies will work with you to provide the services you need, but not those that you don't need.

Now that you know the truth about movers, you are better prepared to hire them. Have a great move, and enjoy your new home.