5 Ways To Show Your Appreciation For Movers Besides Tipping

In the United States, it can sometimes be confusing to know when you should or should not tip. If you are hiring local movers, you may wonder if you need to budget for a tip. For many professional moving companies, tipping is considered unnecessary because the full cost of labor is covered in your moving quote. Despite the fact that movers may not expect a tip, most people still tip between $10-$20 per mover for local moves.

Why Temperature-Controlled Storage Reduces Risks Of Damage To Your Belongings

If you recently inherited a lot of furniture and belongings from a relative and have no place to put them in your home, you may be considering renting a storage unit to have a place to store all the items. As you compare a regular storage unit to a temperature-controlled unit, you may notice the costs of temperature-controlled units are slightly higher, but this is because they offer more protection. Here are a few reasons you should consider renting a temperature-controlled unit if the things you need to store are valuable.

3 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Moving Out Of State

Out of state moving can be a daunting task – many people feel overwhelmed when they reach their new location. To keep you from making common mistakes, here are three things you should avoid doing when planning your move: Don't Move Without First Visiting the Area Many people make the mistake of moving to a new state without first checking the area out. Particularly if your current employer asks you to relocate at relatively short notice, you may feel like there isn't enough time to visit the area and become acquainted with the neighborhoods.

Moving With Dogs: How To Keep Your Furry Family Member Happy And Safe Throughout The Process

While moving to a new home might be an exciting experience for you, it can cause lots of insecurity and stress for your pooch. Dogs count on routine, and when things around the home start to change, they don't understand what's going on, which may result in bathroom accidents in the house, excessive barking, and even vomiting. To make the process of moving less stressful on your furry family member, consider implementing these methods throughout the process of your move: